Have a safety with these spring-action reflective bands, they gently wrap around wrist or ankle and can be used again and again on children or adults.

Reflective snap band is made of PVC sheet with encapsulated sprung steel core and put on when riding a bike, jogging, roller-blade etc.,.. Especially, It is used in the campaign and products promotion.


Most effective and low budget idea to make yourself safe and seen with your brand promotion by customized printing on required pattern. Design is adjustable on customer's demand.

Size :
For Adults = 35 x 345 mm
For Kids = 35 x 172 mm
Color : 12 colors available.


This wraparound reflective snap band is great for walkers, runners or anyone out at night. It is made of highly visible reflective material. It's Easy to place around arms or legs. Refletive wrist band is a useful safety product which has a built in spring that makes a roll-up function.



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