This is one of the newest methods of applying a logo to a garment or fabric.  Using a laser beam and an advanced computer system we are able to accurately cut out your logo from reflective tape.  There are 8 different colours to choose from. The logos can be created in more then one color and look great either day or night.

Limitations For Reflective Orders:
When we work with reflective orders there are a few limitation we would like our customers to be aware of:
-Minimum of 5 items must be ordered when applying reflective logos
-Reflective logos work best on jackets
-Reflective logos work best with basic logos. Small text on frequently  washed items such as t-shirts can result in the small text  eventually pealing away or falling off 
-We can not create custom logos for you.<

The Reflective


  • Send your logo to us
  • Your logo is recreated in Illustrator or Vector format; the image is optimized for the reflective process
  • The sheet of reflective tape is placed under the laser beam, and the laser cuts out the logo
  • A heat transfer technique is used to seal the logo to the garment to create the finished product.
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