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*AJIVEENA supplies lenticular film with hard and durable lens on soft film. And it also comes in roll type. This special product gives versatile usage where some special effects is needed.

  • Lenticular has been specially developed to make a graphic image with 3D motion, 3D Morphing and 3D Depth.
  • AJIVEENA has the core technology of manufacturing structured film and it enables us to make high quality Lenticular.
  • We make 72 pitch Lenticular in roll form as standard specification but can be made with customized pitch & shapes.
  • The most valuable point of our Lenticular is its high quality image and the endurance of the lens even when it is exposed to welding processes.
  • Lenticular is being used in various applications like mouse pad, label, fashionable parts of shoe, accessory and etc.
  • To satisfy the various needs of application, Reflomax manufactures Lenticular with PVC/non-PVC materials and supplies in soft/rigid Type.
  1. Various thinkness is avaliable
  2. It can be made from PVC or Non PVC
  3. Customized Pitch
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