A Leader in safety Technology

Ajiveena is one of the best suppliers and exporters of Reflective Materials and ReflectiveProducts.

Ajiveena has been doing its incredible efforts to be a leader in safety technology on the basis of its working policies;
  • being positive, in their attitudes.
  • being confident, about their products
  • being responsible for their commitments and
  • being highly specialized in their way of working./working methods.

Ajiveena, a pioneer in introducing new technologies that contributes not only to human Safety Reflective Materials but also helps in beautifying the products.

Ajiveena has introduced the Safety Reflective Materials in India for the first time in 1999 and launched two different reflective technologies - gla
ss bead and micro prismatic. And since then, they have been multiplying their customers and exceeding their targets.

Ajiveena not only imports but also exports as well as supplies the reflective materials and reflective products to major clients, all over the world. It provides its customers with a wide range of Reflective Products : reflective fabrics, reflective film, reflective apparel, reflective tape, micro-prismatic sheets, stickers, cone sleeves and high viz clothing fabric with excellent quality which complies with EN 471 standards. Providing its customers the best deals in terms of competitive prices and quality - is also one of the major motto of the company.

The aforementioned reflective products finds a versatile applications in many areas such as reflective labels, webbings, zippers, strings, safety vests, wrist bands, shoe laces, fancy bags etc.

Ajiveena has been constantly doing its best to be on the top in its field and to maintain its reputation as a leading company in its sphere of operation.

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