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Micro-Prismatic Reflective Material " Glodian ™
Film Series " : XGR

AJIVENA GLODIAN™ XGR is EN471 ready material with the higher performance and better durability, which could make us to successfully attain EN471 certificate for the tape (TRG-500 Series).

GLODIAN™ XGR can be converted to Conspicuity Tape, Roll-Up, EN471 Tape and Traffic Sign Board Materials.

With its unique pattern it is providing Less Orientation Sensitivity and Great Reflective Performance in wide angle to your finished product.

Glodian XGR


Hard Prism structure for durable performance
Less orientation sensitivity/ Great wide angle performance

45cm X 100m per roll
White & Fluorescent Yellow
(for white color)
450 cd/lux · ? at 0.2 °/ 5°
EN 471 Class2
Certified applications of tape for warning clothing for professional use and traffic related applications.
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