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This Product has developed to be used on traffic cones to increase the day & especially night-time visibility to enhance the safety of the road users. Imprinting of different massages is not only a guide for the viewer but also helpful to follow the instructions as per the site/location to Remain safe all the time.

Reflomax offers Glodian Cone Sleeve (collar) for Traffic Application and it exceed the performance standard of ASTM type VI & AS/NZS 1906. 1.


Glodian Cone Sleeve is the high tech product from Reflomax with long history of investment & hardworking for making quality product in micro-prism reflective materials.

The hard toil at last brought - A highly reflective positioned sleeve with flexible properties adheres to requirement of unbreakable Cones. Hence to announce precisely - It lasts twice in comparison to the ordinary self-adhesive reflective tapes.

Traffic cones are used to direct the public around a worksite. During night traffic cones are affixed with reflective cone sleeves. Customize message signs are used to provide additional awareness to the traveling public.

Ideal for places where marking require flexibility:

Road alignment                Parking                               Marking restrictions
Highway                        Institutes                            Stadium
Roads with poor visibilit    Hospitals                            Speed limit

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