Special Films

Micro-Prismatic Reflective Material " Glodian Series "
Glodian ART

-Reflective materials
-High visibility fabrics
-High visibility clothing
-Safety products
-Special Films
-Fashion accessories
-Other Applications
Description (Reflective PVC available Customer's Pattern & Brand Logo)

Glodian Art is our new micro-prism type reflective sheet item consisting of thousands of super-precise prism particles per square centimeter. It is good for fashion field especially for sports and outdoor. Because it is made of PVC that is flexible and resistant.
Apply Brand Logo to Glodian Art
Apply Various Patterns to Glodian Art
We can produce customer's PVC embossed with your Original logo or Pattern. So you don't need to print your logo or other patterns on backside as well as surface, so it is possible to give delicate emphatic effect to emblem, label and accessories with diverse color for original product. In addition, its soft surface can prevent contamination from staining and it can be easily washed off.
> Size: 45cm X 50M/Roll
> Use : Label, Tape, Tag, etc.
> Available colors :16 Colors
> Available pattern : Any designs
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