Welcome to the world of REFLECTIVE CERTIFIED CLOTHING !!

Ajiveena, a most trusted name in the world of Certified Technical garments for various sector and industries; now brings in an excessive range of Professional Work-wears; which justify all your needs of getting your workspace well in state of comfort and safe scenario for your extended arms. All our products comply to all the necessary specification Globally.

Ajiveena has introduced the CERTIFIED Safety Segment in India for the first time in 2001 with two different Reflective Material making technologies Encapsulated Glass Bead / Micro Prismatic type. Fluorescent Background Materials of various types and properties are also been brought in to match the level of specified platform raised by global authorities.

During night time, while working / moving on the road, employees are at the risk of hit by fast moving vehicles like trucks, cars, trains or other vehicles due to low visibility. Hazardous conditions /environments like low light, noise of machinery dust, rain, fog, smoke etc also reduces visibility of drivers. Reflective work wear and accessories (Such as High Visibility Garments, Rain wear, Winter wear, Traditional Work wear, Corporate uniforms, Aprons, Overall / Coveralls, Multi-Utility Work wear, Corporate uniforms, Aprons, Overalls / Coveralls, MultiUtility Work wear with relevant Reflective Accessories / emblems.) make the worker seen and move confidentially while at work or road. It also reduces employers’ liability towards accidents and increase overall productivity of the company. Moreover it helps to identity company’s personnel while increasing its brand image.

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